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Gig Portfolio Image problem.. Review portfolio image not add on my GIG

Before my every 3-4 review minimum 1 portfolio image will be add on my gig. But recently 20 reviews there are no portfolio images not added on my gig. My client approvel it but it’s no show on my gig. How to I solve it? Can anyone help me?

Your client has to choose for it to be shown. Unless you accidentally turned off your live portfolio.

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How to turned on live portfolio ?

do clients choose which media to show in my portfolio (example i send 5 photos and a video) or does fiverr chooses it randomly?

You choose a preview image when delivering the order. That image shows in your portfolio if customer decides to show it

I have delivered nearly 100 orders, i never got to choose specific photo/video.

If you have more than 1 image file, you can choose between them with those arrows in red circles


ok, now i feel just dumb, i thought it was just there, thank you, it’s a game changer

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