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Gig portfolio is checked on but jobs do not display on my gig portfolio



I am a graphic designer and i sincerely need answers. For a couple of days now, all my finished job refuses to display on my portfolio. It only shows the buyer review/feedback way down as usual, but the pix i attached that is suppose to display as my portfolio sample does not show…

Anyone who knows the solution to this should be relate it.



Once an order is delivered, it’s the Buyer’s decision if they wish to allow the work they purchased in your portfolio for others to see. It’s understandable that some people don’t want their personal purchases shown publicly.

If you’re aiming for work to be shown in your portfolio, simply communicate with your Buyers upon delivery and ask if they’d accept the work created to be displayed so you can build your portfolio. :slight_smile:


I think the buyer can choose to not have it be included. I think there is a way they can uncheck it or something somewhere in the review process. Not all buyers want their work being used as a portfolio piece.


7 of 13 isn’t a bad percentage for buyers allowing portfolio images. One was posted on your portfolio just a few hours ago.


what is portfolio?