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Gig portfolio

hi i’m new on fiverr &i don’t know how to add my portfolio in my gig ,

Please anyone can helps me ?

i knw that there is a option of live portfoloi on in MY GIG but i can not click on the option so i think there is a problem .#:-S

Is this for your “simple unique and professional logo” gig that you already have sales on or for a different gig? By the way, just a tip, for more success on Fiverr you really want to use your own picture instead of a stock photo of an attractive female. Buyer trust will really help you in building your business, even more than live portfolio. :slight_smile:

The portfolio option is for multiple pictures in your “gig” description.

You cant have a live portfolio/image gallery or you need to make on your own.

fonthaunt… its not what he/she asked for.

Reply to @michellll: Actually, she said “live portfolio” which is different from multiple pictures in the gig descriptions. That is why I asked if it was for the gig that had orders. When posting on a forum, feedback comes in many forms. Thanks for offering yours. Have a good day.

And where is that “live portfolio” ?

Thanks for your discussions but i’m sill facing the problem i could not click on the option (LIVE PORTFOLIO ON) in (MY GIG) :-/

Reply to @fonthaunt: when i deliver my order i could not be able to add my work sample with my gig because I’m not click on the option (LIVE PORTFOLIO ON ) in my (MY Gigs)

Normaly you should beable to ( turn on and off ) the portfolio if you click on “edit” gig

Than its visible in grey txt with a checkbox infront of it. check the box and it should work

PS: I dont think it will show old deliveries" after you turned the portfolio on" So think it will only show for your upcoming deliveries with attachments

and if that doesnt work its best to contact customer support,

it is your work samples what you have delivered your work for your buyer.

and it will be showed if it is in .png / jpg/ gif/video format

That’s right but my portfolio option is still not working :frowning: