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Gig portfolio

Hello. I am currently having an issue with my gig portfolio. I recently delivered an order and the buyer has posted a review but it does not show up in the gig portfolio. I have uploaded a photo with it by the way along with the other corresponding files.

It seems for me, my buyers do not get a choice in selecting whether they want their work to be featured in my gig portfolio. I have asked the buyer this and he has definitley made sure that no option exists for him.

I uploaded the image and it showed a preview on the right “Portfolio preview” but I am still unsure why it is not working.

Someone from the Fiverr team posted somewhere around the forum that they’re looking into the matter, as I’ve read other sellers are encountering this problem.

But I’m definitely sure yours is turned on as I can see work on your gig portfolio from 20 days ago. Perhaps most of your recent buyers did not choose the option or there is a current bug in the Fiverr system.

Hopefully it gets solved though. :slight_smile:

Cheers to both of you with helping me deal with this. Still have not sorted it out but hopefully it is fixed now!

Reply to @theratypist: i saw the problem was fixed yesterday, some topseller got gig porfolio 1 days ago in their gig.