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Gig Portfolios are Useless

I just did a search for WordPress and Divi because I wanted to get my home page redone.

There are lots of gigs for this, so I thought it would be easy. But most sellers no longer put actual screenshots of sites they have done. Instead, they put in graphic screenshots from the Divi parent site (Elegant Themes).

A few years ago, when I used Fiverr regularly, most web designers had screenshots of web sites they have done, but that doesn’t seem to be the case now.

And there is no way to filter out these gigs that are just using placeholder graphics instead of real site portfolio graphics.

So the only way to tell if someone’s work is good it so ask each one for portfolio samples which is a huge waste of my time as they should be part of the gig or in their portfolio.

Here are some examples:

*************** .
*************** .
*************** .

This is a huge waste of time and makes Fiverr unusable for me.

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You forget one thing. You can’t showcase a website with two 1280x720 graphics. It’s gonna have the opposite and very negative effect and scare people off. I tried that once, you know. Website texts looked pixelated and it just looked awful and graphics were too small because this platform makes smaller thumbnails out of the big image and I’m pretty sure most of the people especially older ones don’t even know they can click on it.

Be objective.

Every seller can upload up to 3 gig images themselves, the rest are automatically added to the gig portfolio if the buyer allows it during the order completion/reviewing process.
Just look for gigs that have more than 3 images, and you’ll see images from actual deliveries the sellers made.

Even while buyers are more reluctant with leaving reviews nowadays (because of the newish blind review system) and more may make use of suppressing the “show in seller’s portfolio” option, lots of buyers still leave reviews and are nice enough to let the work sample be shown in the seller portfolio.

Maybe filter yourself a bit if you want to see more gigs with portfolio, look at those with higher review counts.