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Gig position bug after editing it?


I’ve seen this bug happening for many years now, so I’m starting to think it’s not a bug at all, but some kind of a penalty?

Basically almost always when I edit my gig, it vanishes usually for 1-3 days, and returns back to it’s normal position in search, page 1 top rows (When sorted by best selling).

Sometimes (Rarely) it instead appears on the last page of results when sorting by best selling (Page 6 or 7 usually). Nothing helps then. Longest I’ve seen it sit there is some months.

Only customer support has been able to fix it, but it has always taken many tickets until someone actually wanted to help and got it fixed, and not just basically claimed “It’s not a bug or permanent, deal with it”.

However, it does seem pretty permanent to me, as I know a seller who’s gig was hidden like that for years!

Does anyone have any experience with this? Tips to get a gig re-indexed?

So far I have tried editing description, gig extras and even removed and added a video. I have not tried pausing the gig, or updating the main picture. Those I should try next.


I don’t think it’s a bug or a penalty. Fiverr has always had a chaotic search algorithm. Editorial focus is an issue for some sellers. Gigs selling traffic and not typically high on the list for search focus.

If a seller does amazingly well with sales and feedback in spite of ranking, Fiverr may give those gigs a boost because of performance. Otherwise the categories related to traffic seen to be low on Fiverr’s focus list these days.

If you have other skills you might try adding new gigs. If other gigs get better ranking it can draw potential buyers to view all of your services.