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Gig Position confusion


Recently I searched the keyword “product packaging” with my account to see my gig position (using google chrome). Wow it’s on 8th page as first row-4th gig. After that I went to teach a friend about fiverr. So I opened firefox and searched the same keyword (without login). Then I could see my gig position went to 7th page as last row, last gig. I’m confused. I did some refreshes for both browser. But the position same. Why is that? What is the actual position?


Here is the other screenshot


It may seem confusing:


But different browsers sort things differently!


Thank you. So what is the best browser for fiverr?


Fiverr suggests Chrome, but it won’t put your gigs onto the first page all the time! :wink:


No browser will guarantee more sales. Sales have nothing to do with the internet browser that you use.


Each time I click on the page with my gigs using the same browser my gigs change position. They never stay in the same place although they stay in the same page and general area on the page.


Once you visit a gig, it will always show higher for you than for others. Search in a blind window to see the real ranking, which, as misscrystal points out, changes constantly (partly as gig scoring changes, and part randomization).

(Update: I am no longer sure this is true. A few of us have tried it out and it doesn’t seem to work that way.)


Does incognito mode in Chrome work? Mine always looks the same in that as when I’m not in incognito mode.


I am not sure that I really know it makes a difference. I just think it does. Maybe it doesn’t.


Ok, thank you very much


Haha, thank you for the suggestion, I’m already using chrome


Thank you for all, I got an idea about gig position.