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Gig position down after adding Gig video


I was very happy with my Gig and selling on Fiverr. I heard that adding video to gig may increase sell. But I am suffering the most severe problem after doing that. My gig has lost its position and I am completely jobless now. If this will happen, then why Fiverr encourage me to add gig video? I am really hopeless. Please give me suggestions. Thank you


Sometimes when you edit a gig, it may fall down and takes a couple of days to get back to the position. Nothing to worry.


i was did that. nothing to worry within 3 days it will back on same position


I believe that this would not be the fault of the video, but of the offer and the demand that is in the page of fiverr. many venders few buyers.
but sure you’ll soon recover your first places


Don’t worry! Your gig will again come back to it position in next few days


Thank you for your kind Information :slight_smile:


fiverr authority recommends the seller to edit the gig few months later ,if it is once a month it’s ok ,but if you do it two or three times that’s not so lot but affect a little ,if it is more than thrice that gig goes down and hard to find it in the search result ,may be your editing part was multiple times or if not just uploading a video, few days later your gig will come back and boost it up 20% than the previous rank .


Can you post where you’ve found this please as it would be useful for everybody reading this post?

Thanks in advance. :slightly_smiling_face:


I contacted with fiverr support member recently ,he has informed me about this gig rank position .


Thank you - nobody seems to have posted any form of information like this before as to how the gig ranking works. They usually keep it very quiet, so it’s unusual to see it posted.


Hi graphixunlimite,
Thank you for your suggestion, actually it is about 20 days but no improvement. that is why i am worried.


Hi hmmuhith,
Yes, I have edited the gig beside adding video. On the basis of your experience, what to do now to get the previous gig position back?


Did you do anything with your tags, title, description etc other than adding the video? Try sharing your gig in the social media to get some views.


Promote your gig to the social media, keep active online as much as you can.


Who told you this?
Where did you get this figure please?
I see a lot of video-less gigs on page one everyday.


my fiverr experienced seniors shared me about their stories adding videos on gig and ranking boost up and I didn’t mention that video less gig doesn’t appear in front of the page ,If it’s the gig goes down you can increase this rank by uploading videos .


Hi graphixunlimite,
Yes, I have edited my tags, title and description. I share my gig to social media and try to be online always, but my gig position is unchanged…


OK thanks for the info