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GIG position going down

I created a new gig 10 days earlier. I have already completed two orders and also done with some social shares. But problem is , instead of going up it’s going down for different keywords.
Don’t understand what exactly should do for now :disappointed:


Same to me:disappointed_relieved:

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Have you found any solution ?

No but I think our competitor trying to rank there gig also so they marketing there gigs, but I don’t. What do you think?

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I think it’s because of what it says in another post. that the algorithm of the page is not right now

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May be something like that

Yes, so we should marketing our self.

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May be or may be not.
Do you have link of that post ?

No, if I found this post I will share you. Thanks

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Thank you so much

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You are most welcome.

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Newer sellers are sort of weeded out quickly as to how well they can do or at least that’s my impression. Also it’s normal for sales and orders to go up and down all the time. You will probably be getting more sales at some point.


Base on experience, it is advisable to market your best gig outside Fiver. Most freelancers are always frustrating in many platforms due to gig ranking, but the fact is that marketing is the key to success.

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Got your point mam.
But previously when i worked with new gigs, after getting one or two orders it was always going up. For this gig it is going down. :worried:

Thanks for your advice.
Let’s see …