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Gig Position losing day by day

Hi dear
I think you are all doing great . and you are also very well !

I am day by day going bed to worst position .
I lost my level , Its showing that i am now new seller :disappointed_relieved:
My gig also not showing on the search option .

Can you please help me ? How can i get order and how can i improve my level please ?

Great thanks in advance

Have a good day


Same situation here Bro

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You lost your level because you failed to maintain minimum standard require.
First find where you are lacking and do your best to improve that area.

You can easily find the area you are lacking on your analytics page.



I have same problem…

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Okay got it .

Did you replied with the proper solution about my problem ?

I am asking for the solution about my problem

I’m in the same position. From 2 weeks ago, my gigs expressions went down. In previous months, the expressions are about 150 to 200 per days, now they’re about 10 or less.

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:disappointed_relieved: don’t know how to get back previous position