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Gig position problem


I am level 2 seller and suddenly my gig get fixed in one position from top it get in bottom and every time I log in it get fixed there only. What can be the reason for this?




But this will affect the sales and because of only this i am getting less orders even my gig is at 1st position in program and tech->editable file


Have you read the post I linked to?


Yes i have already read it. But it i hard to believe that they are taking so long to do it i am asking customer support for it but they said that they don’t know and also they are ignoring their customer but from getting 10 order a day to 1-2 order hurt a lot. Hope this will solve soon.


Fingers crossed!


I don’t think you’ve read that entire topic, because you would have seen my comment where I mentioned that some of us are experiencing these problems for a couple of months already, so yes, it’s taking a long time to thoroughly test a feature that can affect all those billions of gigs out there.

You think 10 orders a day decreasing to 1-2 hurts a lot? Think again and consider yourself lucky, because some of us have decreased from 50 orders to 0 (zero, null, nil) - imagine how that hurts :wink: Yet we don’t rush Fiverr and don’t demand them to fix this issue, because we are aware of it, they informed us, and we want Fiverr to properly test & re-test everything so that we won’t have more problems afterwards.


Please refer to the linked post. This topic has already been discussed.