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Gig position suddenly went down to the last page

hello everyone i am a new seller i had daily impressions of 1500 to 1000 but suddenly it drops to the 400 and 300 i don’t know why i am still getting 5 star reviews almost every day but i faced problem of getting less orders due to lost in position of my gig in the 3d category please tell me how be get back to my position so i can get more work, Thanks


Welcome to the rotation. (aka the level 2 black hole)

You get some minor preferential treatment when you’re new, then you get rotated like the rest of us. (Like this month, I’ve made 1/8 of what I did 2 months ago) you just get used to it.


This things fluctuate all the time to give others a chance to do well. Just make sure to promote your gigs so more people know about your services. I just wrote a topic about promoting gig to get more sales. Check it out and see if you’re interested in trying any of those things. All the best!

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I had the same situation 1 month ago. I was dropped from the practically 1st on 1st page place to the middle of second page.

I argued with fiverr CS, but the only thing is they said is that their algorithm is working like this right now.

so the only thing I can say is hold tight and wait.

Or also try contacting them about this. I already did it and it didn’t worked, I had to “conquer” my position all again, but maybe if sellers start to show them it’s not good, maybe the change their mind.


Just be patient,I know its easy to say
Im in the same situation,contacted CS many times,and it was not helpful
It will be better :slight_smile:

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That’s how the new fiverr works, say hello to “random algorithm that makes no sens v0.1”.

for almost 4 years I had a gig that got around 150k impressions and now it only gets 8-10k at best. It is still ranked high, but the changes in their algorithm made a huge impact on that gig.

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Hi anyone got any solution regarding this I am also facing the same thing almost being a month my gig does not appear anywhere properly even when I search my gig with my whole title it is also not on the first page if my title is unique and there is no issue with my gig it must be on the first page if I search with the gig title .You guys can try if your gig is not facing the last page drop it should be on the first page when you search with the gig title this is my personal experience tell me yours


I marked as level 1 seller almost two months back and after 5 days my gigs disappeared and they all went to the last page, they were in the top 5 gigs of my category from always. Now, I don’t receive any messages or orders, what should be done for this thing?

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pray pray pray
sorry for your loss, facing same issue from last 45 days

Hey! I am facing the same situation. Did you guys solve the problem?