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Gig positions bugged?

Support has told me several times that “If some other seller is performing better than you, their Gig will appear before yours.”

However, that does not seem to be the case always. There’s many gigs stickied to the first page (When sorted by best selling) that have either 10 reviews total, bad average ratings, many cancellations and/or zero orders in queue. And on last pages you can find super seller gigs that everyone seems to love. Mine included! My stats are pretty much perfect 100%. So performance is great. I’m level 2. It’s known that at least level 1 sellers have their gig disappear if invisible queue limit is reached, so that is not the case.

I also remember them mentioning that inactive sellers are shown last. But I have been active always, so that is also not a factor.

Can anyone think why support is saying that? To me it seems to be a bug :thinking: Although they haven’t been clear on what they mean by performance in specific. Perhaps if average response time is over a hour, you get punished? I can’t really think of anything.


What can I say?

I don’t understand why, maybe they are testing a new algorithm

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Who knows.
Fiverr is very volatile. “Somebody else performing better than you” is one of their algorythm but I’m pretty sure there are other factors for gig positioning that they will never tell us so no one could manipulate the system and this situation is also not a bug at all.
It might be they are just giving a “boost” or chance to other sellers to get their bits of orders.
(Otherwise it will be vicious circle them, isn’t it? They just created their account, they don’t have reviews, they don’t have orders so that means that their gig always will be at the bottom and never will be shown if algorythm is based only on “statistics”. Vicious circle for them, so this random changes might be a help for them)

On other note: I see that you pretty concerned with it, but I would advise you not to rely on fiverr (they never promised to show your gig on the first pages all the time) but develop other income streams or invest that free time in learning new skills or deveping new offerings instead of spending so much time trying to guess if this is a “bug” or not.


Could the “stickies” be for testing purposes? It could show to which page buyers will scroll when they see gigs like that, up to which review average, total reviews buyers will (not) order a gig, if they rather order a gig with 0 orders in queue that is on page 1 or a gig on page 10 with several orders in queue, etc.


As I can see, you have a huge number of orders.
From my personal experience, new algorithm is based on a specific number of poor performance signs (late delivery, cancelation and so on).
Imagine that there are 2 users. One of them has 10 orders per month, while second one has 200.
They make 5 orders late within 60 days.
User 1 will have 50% “on time delivery”, while User 2 will have 97.5% “on time delivery”.
At the same time, Fiverr will equally punish them for poor performance.

One more thing. Recently, Fiverr really hates cancellations. Even a couple of them in a row could bring your gigs to the end of the list.

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This is probably not actually factual as we can see other gigs that rarely get orders ahead of ours sometimes. They should come up with a more accurate explanation to give people.

So if it IS cancellations that make gigs go lower, then a gig that only gets one order a month but no cancellations would appear first, or a gig that is only $5 could appear before one that is $50, if the $50 one got 30 sales a month but two cancellations but the $5 one only got one cancellation and two orders a month.

So what is actually meant by performing better could be anything. If so much weight is given to cancellations this means that sellers have zero control over how their gig is doing in the ranks if they were unlucky about people cancelling through no fault of their own.

This is one reason I think the top two rows are hand selected, to make this more logical.

And also this is one more reason for me to continue to harp on not cancelling when the buyer wants to after you did the work.


How did you check their information ? :thinking:

Gig position depends on many things . Like as completion rate . It is very important for gig position,image seo, title ,description,FAQ,skill tests,favourites etc . And gig position is not permanent .Fiverr search engines update every <5 minutes . And sometime fiverr gives chance to the new seller to get orders and appear their gigs on good position …

Ratings are easy to check, just by checking the reviews. But cancellations are harder, yes. Can mainly see late order cancellations, which can be seen by the automated review they give.