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Gig posted as complete but not complete

Hi, I am new here & on 4th April 2017, I ordered 5x1000 word Articles with pictures and 500 word Article, cost $63. I got message saying complete but when I looked only 1article with no pictures, I rejected saying I won’t accept until i receive full order, he hasn’t answered me. What should I do, it is over 24 hours since I rejected, he has been online but hasn’t communicated? How do i contact support, I’m new & can’t see it, I was supposed to get it all on 5th April, he asked for more time, I accepted but now I really don’t know what to do, really disappointed. Please help …

Have you tried contacting this user via inbox too?

Maybe that 1st article was the first draft so you could just let seller know he can continue working on the other articles.

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I think so, I will send him another message, is it in chat you mean Alexenia, I really want the work done and just am disappointed.

Yeah, I mean the chat :slight_smile:
Also, if you won’t get any response anytime soon - you can just contact CS and they will let seller know that you are awaiting his/her response.

They’ll get a message from them via email so probably it won’t be missed by the seller.
Anyways, it’s a kind of last thing to do. Only in case seller doesn’t reply anytime soon.

Who knows, maybe there are things like health issues, troubles with PC or anything like that involved.

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I sent email, hopefully he will respond Alexenia, I was nice and just asked him, I really need a time frame, the work was ordered on 1/4/17.
It was to be completed on 5th, he ask for extension & I agreed, he didn’t give me a timeframe or say he was sending one! But this is my first time, so maybe I’m not doing this right?
The article he sent is ok, a few inaccuracies but I can correct them, I haven’t uploaded it to my website yet, I want to have him paid before I do that, fair is fair … Mary

As long as you requested a modification you don’t have anything to worry about since the order remains open at this point.

Since you agreed to the time extension you can probably expect a delivery close to the deadline.

Sometimes sellers get busy, please don’t worry if you don’t get an instant reply. The user might be logged in 24/7 via the Fiverr App but it doesn’t mean they are actually there 24/7.

Another thing to keep in mind is the potential time difference.

Nothing wrong with you asking when you can expect the delivery though. Good luck, I am sure you will hear back from him soon.


I sent email & chat, so will see tomorrow if he responds, thank you for help, just enquiring where customer service is on menu, I can’t see it. I will leave it another day or two & see if he gets back to me, if not I’ll ask VS … Mary

You can open a ticket by visiting


Hi Anne, the deadline has past but he hasn’t communicated, maybe he’s sick or something, I’ll leave it another few days to see, thank you for responding, much appreciated, Mary

You can also see on the sellers profile if he made any recent deliveries :wink:

Thank you Anna, hope it doesn’t come to that, I really just want the work done … good night, it’s bedtime for me now, nearly 3am here. Mary

You can also see on the sellers profile if he made any recent deliveries :wink: this way you can get an idea if he has been active or not.

He has, I looked at that in feedback …

Oh the recent feedback is irrelevant since a buyer has up to 30 days to leave feedback. When you click on the main profile it will show you “Recent delivery”

May I ask if you exchanged personal contact information since you said you contacted him via email and chat?

EDIT: If you did, those messages might have been flagged due to TOS violation. So in this case he might have not received your message.

I contacted him through Fiverr email & chat, not outside, he hasn’t answered me & doesn’t seem to have been online since I sent the messages. I have not contacted or given him my out of Fiverr contact info, I did give him my web address & business Facebook address for him to get info for the articles, hope that is ok? Mary

He has been in contact & says he’s sending 1 at a time, says he hopes to be finished at weekend, not sure if he means this weekend that we’re in or next, will wait now & see. Thank you for all your help. Mary

Nothing yet … he hasn’t been online for 23 hours, hopefully i will get something today … Mary


You are one very patient person. That is one lucky seller that he/she has you as a client. I’m not sure how many other buyers would be as calm as you. :grinning::grinning:


Second that.

Some people are just the best human beings. Despite having to deal with one of the most unprofessional sellers, she has kept her calm.

seller is 5 million years late in delivering order

Buyer : I’m sure he’ll deliver tomorrow.


You can contact support at or send an email to


He said 5hours ago that he will deliver 2nd article soon, still not arrived, he modified the first one by putting in a few pictures only, nothing else done to it.

I already proof read it myself, added content to it, deleted inaccuracies … should I go on, anyway I asked for an update, he said he didn’t know pictures where to be in the 5 articles … I said to read the order, that I can read it, so should he be able to … no answer, I know I’m patient but I really want the work done!

At this stage I could have them all done myself with all the writing I’m doing :wink: anyway, I just keep hoping I get them soon. Is it really a lot to ask for 5x1000 articles+pictures & 1x500 article+picture to be ready in 6 days?

I did message him through Fiverr first to ask if he could do it, he said to order & that he could, I was supposed to get them on the 5th, have him extension of 1 day, got 1 article with no pictures & no explanation of when I would get the rest of my order …

Maybe it was to much to ask, I would like opinion on this, although I did contact him before placing the order. Really disappointed but just hope he comes up with the goods, he did try to say whole order was complete, it wasn’t, so I rejected, now I’m waiting.

If I don’t get it within the next 24 hours & timeframe for rest I will go to support, I don’t really like to do that. Maybe he is doing other gigs & leaving mine on the long finger? Anyway, I’ll let you know how I get on & sorry for this being so long winded … Mary