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Gig pressions and clicks getting down and not getting any order

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing well.
My impressions and clicks are going down I really don’t know why. I am not getting any kind of response. I did SEO and each and every thing that I can do. But I am not getting orders and now my impressions and everything is getting low. I am new to all this. I will really really appreciate if someone will help me out.
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I really don’t know but I am like kind of fetching the same problem. I also need help

have you figured it out what is the reason?

** :disappointed_relieved:

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The search results are now dynamic which means each buyer sees different results when they search. The rank you see your gig at is not what many buyers will see on their side. SEO is no longer that helpful to ranking. It’s more performance based. I.E speed of delivery, lack of cancellations etc.


I think you need to do Gig marketing.It will help you to improve your gig impression and click…


I am facing these problem also, Please do social media marketing

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This is due to fiverr gig rotating policy i think because after somtime it let new gigs to come on top and old gigs to go down, the suggestion is that change the tags and content you will se some improvement in your gig impressions


I did social media marketing as well.