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Gig preview issue on chrome

Hope you all are doing well!
I am facing a strange issue with gig preview on fiverr search. I want to ask if someone else has experienced the?
When i searched my gig through fiverr search page it appears zoomed preview of my video. The preview i have set is in such a way that it looks so bad after this zooming effect.
this is only happening through chrome browser
I have searched my gig through other browsers and they are showing the preview perfectly fine
Is this a fiverr display issue? or an issue with chrome browser?
Your kind reply will be appreciated
Thank you!


Try to clean your browser data. I mean cache.
I hope you can find that. Go to settings> Privacy and security> Clear browsing data
After check your gig.
So, I hope this will help for solve your problem. :grinning:


have done this but the issue remains there.
I have asked my friends to see my gig. One of them also find the same issue.

This annoys me so much :slightly_smiling_face:

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Share your gig. You mention this problem was found on the chrome browser. So, I think the problem is your browser. However, we can check it if you share your gig here.
Also, You mention you try other browsers and it working fine. :thinking:

I think it is fine.

yes! it is looking fine here.
it is creating problem here