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Gig Previews


Similar to the preview button here on the forums, a gig preview would save a lot of time when setting up new gigs or editing current ones.

I have taken the advice on these forums and tried to make my gigs easier to read using symbols to create extra space (although having paragraph breaks instead would be THE MOST HELPFUL THING EVER! And I think those extra symbols are actually somewhat distracting.)

When doing this, it is not always easy to envision what it will actually look like until you save the changes and refresh the gig page. A preview button would make this so much easier.

I think this is totally possible, too!!

Thanks for reading!



I mean for during the editing process before you click save having a preview option so you can see what your gig will look like, like there is on here for previewing posts. It would be so helpful!! :slight_smile: Especially because changes don’t always show up right away…


Hoping to bump this up a bit as I think this is a really good idea and I would love for this to happen!! Please Fiverr folk, see this and make it a reality! =)

Attaching a cute picture of my cat Zelda to persuade you further…