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Gig price and unlimited revision issue

I am not new in the fiverr. I invest money in fiverr as a buyer. Seller are doing something wrong or its the part of client attraction I dont know. When I see a gig from search that price is listed as a 70$ or 80$ etc… Then I clicked on the gig… And horrible thing is that… You will not get anything in 70$ or 80$. My question is… Why you are wasting others time to showing your false gig?

My second question is…why you offer unlimited revision of a project… Because you have to revision the project possibly 6 to 7 time. But… Some seller… After 2-3 revision they say that. I have already done it. Its enough…please dont make promises… Please dont. Please fiverr do something for your buyer community.


If the gig is listed at $70 (as the “from” price) but changes when you click it, check that your looking at it with no extras checked (like commercial use) and it’s the basic package.

I agree. If they offer that then they should do that, but I don’t think there should really be an unlimited number of revisions option (eg. they could potentially go on forever/way too many times, for a limited price). It might depend on what (and how many) things are being asked for in each revision whether they are okay to keep doing them.