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Gig price increase - decrease, how everything is effect with impressions?!

Hello, we’re interesting how prices increase - decrease is effect your gig and account?! thanks

anybody?! ???

Could you elaborate what you mean? I don’t completely understand your sentence.

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lol sounds very bad you didn’t get what he said :o

From the little I understood (let’s be honest… the OP’s English is not the best), the OP wanted to know if changing the gig price would have a positive or negative impact on their gig (orders/impressions, etc).

I don’t think anyone on the forum would possibly be able to give you a definitive answer. You will have to experiment with your gig prices a little (try it out for yourself) to see the effect that it will have on your gig.

You could raise your prices and see the effect it has on the number of orders (or even clicks/views) you receive over, say, 2 weeks. Based on that, you will know whether or not it’s a good idea to raise your prices. You will have to experiment a little to find out what works best for you.


You need to rephrase this.

Grammatically you’re saying that prices change with the rate of impressions. It doesn’t. Only the seller change their rates and they do this manually.

I’ve experimented with increasing / decreasing prices 10% and saw no difference.

When I revamped my gig completely, raising prices 40% - 50% and starting to offer more complex work my sales definitely have gone down but the overall revenue has increased considerably.

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Me, too! And I get fewer sketchy and exploitative requests.

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Thank you everyone for the unswer and sorry for bad English :slight_smile: Yes English is not our native leanguge