Gig price is not showing correctly


My gigs showing wrong price .
They are showing my pro package price but it supposed to show basic price and because of that I am loosing orders.
And when I contacted Fiverr support they said ohh wevwill try to correct it and after 3 days no response


You need to contact them again. Same thing is happening to my tranacription gig, they told me to wait 12 hrs. Ot has been corrected in the search but I still see the 20$ price if I visit my profile as a buyer where as the gig starts at 5$


In search, Fiverr chooses to display whichever of your packages they want to. It seems that they most often choose the middle one. While they might adjust it temporarily, it will probably go back to that later.

I think it’s good that you contacted Support since there are other sellers who wish that there was a choice on which price to display. In the meantime, the only sure way is to use only one price without packages. I don’t recommend doing that because there are some signs that Fiverr gives preference to gigs with packages, but this will likely be an ongoing issue.


I recently added packages to my gigs, but on my main profile page, it is showing incorrect prices for Gigs, not the actual prices of any of my packages. I contacted support, and they said they’d look into it. But I haven’t heard anything, and the wrong prices are still being displayed. Obviously a problem with their code. The prices on my profile should not be different than those shown on the gig page.


Are the different prices only on the first gig, the one marked as best seller?
If so then that is normal, it’s showing which package has been the best seller and not the lowest package.

If this is not the case then the same has happened to me and it took fiverr over a month to fix it, if you want it done early send them screenshots, they will know it’s a technical fault. Use different browsers when taking screenshots.

Also use the ticket to see the status of the case that you had opened.