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Gig Prices more than $5

Hello people! I have a question, what do you think about the prices of your gigs. maybe buyers gonna take you more serious and trust you more if you place them higher than $5 or more?


I changed all of my gigs to $10, because I do not think buyer’s care to pay $7 for a $5 gig. In fact since I raised my base price I have gotten more orders in June than May!


Now we should increase the price of gig 10$ or 20$ it is best for all

I increased the price form $5 to $10 and gave twice as much in the package. I did not just raise the price of the lowest packages by $5.


Yes, but they are not going to hire more. :+1:


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I have a package priced at $150, and have clients regularly purchasing that package.

I’ll let you figure out what that means. :wink:


What it really comes down to is the value of your service to the client.

If your service is worth $5 then charge $5.
However, if you think it’s worth more then charge more.

Higher prices don’t equal quality. The service has to be worth it.


charge more if you think you have to work hard for any order

I just completed a $5 job with a $10 tip. Guess what. Time is money. Service begets money.