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Gig pricing advice?

Hey Fiverr!

Since offering my voiceover services here I have been met with some success, and though I am excited and happy with what I have accomplished so far, I also feel like I am in a bit of a slump when it comes to orders. I read the post on overcoming the slump, but my question is on pricing; do you think my gig is priced appropriately? Is it too high, too low? I always value the advice of more experienced sellers and voiceover artists. Thank you for your time. I appreciate the support the Fiverr community has given me.

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Hey Josh,

I checked out your profile. I think you are selling them way too cheap because you have a great service and you also have a voice that is meant for this gig. I understand to roll with it until you have more reviews and clients, but you should consider raising your prices.

Maybe make it 3-day delivery and add extra cost for extra fast as a start?

I personally started to increase my prices gradually, up to 25% at a time. And it wasn’t too scary for me or for the clients that already knew me for a lower price.

I would also recommend that you don’t update your prices too often, because it takes some time to reappear in the searches after you changed something in your gig. Maybe once every month or so.

I don’t say that I know the best, but this is my experience with 1 year+ on Fiverr. :slight_smile:

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Both of you are too kind! I hate to hijack the thread with my problems. What I love about the Fiverr community is how helpful they are to everyone else. <3

No, it’s ok to ask questions. The answer may be useful to others at some point as well. I was wondering in the beginning too about price changes, and I’ve read on the forum that everybody has their own approach. But we can all agree on the fact that you must charge eventually what you feel you deserve. There’s no point in being miserable by staying cheaper because that will be very counterproductive.

“If you are good at something, never do it for free”. Or cheap. :sunglasses:

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Too cheap?

His base price is $20, then $20 for commercial rights, $50 for full broadcast rights, etc. That’s not cheap to me.

I would keep the base price at $20, but lower the rights price to $10. I would also create packages because clients who need 30" voiceover are very different from the ones that need 7 minute VO’s, so maybe he can charge $20 for a 30" commercial, $30 for 60", and $50 for 7 minutes.

Or he can have a base price of $10 for 1 minute.


I raised it after talking to these guys earlier. Previously I was $5/150 words, 5 for commercial, 20 for full broadcast. :S I see what you mean about clients who need very small scripts, though!

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I apologize, I didn’t realize you had raised your prices.

$5 for $150 words seems low, my price increase would have been $10 and if the same number of orders keeps coming, I would raise my price again to $20. If you experience a sales slump, go back to $10.

98% of my orders are for 30 second spots, sometimes 60 seconds. Of course, explanation videos, those that are 2-5 minutes long, are very popular online, but I don’t write those, others do.


You got me thinking about it, and I realized that a lot of ads that play on the internet (a market I am certainly aimed toward!) are :30 or less–I included a special offer in the gig description (or at least a note to message me about it!) to avoid having to pay for ~1:15 of audio when it’s not needed. Thanks for the great idea! This is a good lesson to anyone with their gig, to think about what the buyer is looking for. Thank you friend!


That’s wonderful, you’re welcome. I hope you experience great success with it.