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Gig Pricing as a level 1 seller

What should be the Gig Pricing as a level 1 seller. I have completed over 170 Orders. I have 121 reviews and 4.9 star rating.?

Following for the perfect recommend.


My advise it to price your gigs according to how much time you need to complete orders adding value according to your expertise and work-quality. I know this sounds vague but I do believe that you are the one who can best price your gigs and not anybody else.

Of course it would be wise to check how other successful sellers in your niche (and Level) price their gigs currently.

My No1 tip is to always offer the base gig for $5 so that when potential buyers are searching for gigs “starting from $5” can always find you. Of course, that would be a job that can be completed in a reasonable time (for you). You can have your packages and gig-extras priced according to how much you will work for those.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

Best wishes for happy sales on Fiverr!