Gig problem and need to sujjetion on fiverr


hello i am a level one seller in fiverr…my gig imoression increasing day by day but suddently i notice that my best seller gigs clicks are down day by day…can you please expalin me any fiveerr expert that why are the click down and how i increase clicks on gigs…?Thank you…


My all gigs impressions also going down since a week ! All you can do to promote the GIG on social media like Facebook twitter and so on .This may bring some traffic your way …


thanks …


Bro.Share your gig on social media, it will be help to get more clicks and impressions on your gig and try to make sure your gig cover image as possible as unique to another one


Last Thursday was the second biggest holiday of the year in the US, where 55% of Fiverr buyers reside. Entrepreneurs here are slow to get back to work after a holiday, so this whole week has been somewhat slow on Fiverr. Things will be back to normal on Monday, and will get slow again from December 23 until early January. Then it’s rock & roll until Summer.


“Gig problem and need to sujjetion on fiverr” ??? Buddy, first of all, you need to improve your English.