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Gig problem, can,t see it

my gigs were among top 5 gigs in my services , everything was going well, i completed almost 170 orders with 100% client satisfaction , but suddenly few days ago, i see that my gig does not appear on any page as search results , when i search my profile or gig title , then it shows up but when i type my service name as in used to do before to see my gig, now i cant see it on any page , no new clients since the problem initiated , gig status is also active but it is not displayed on any page of search results … please guide me


Same problem brother

My gig yesterday on first page but when today I search my gig it unable to be on 1st page, 2nd page even on 3rd page

same problem brother

Don’t worry! It will be fix automatically. I was face same problem and after 15 days later it’s fix automatically.


its been more than 15 days , what do you say about that

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Yes, I got it after 15 days. But I am not sure it’s will be work with your gig.


Don’t Worry .It is fiverr algorithm. Always Gigs Up and Down…

but I’m not getting any work !

Rao Bilal Rajput.

Be Patient and Social Media Marketing can make order…

few days ago i received a notification from Fiverr in which i was notified that my gigs cetagory has been changed to another one,

Rao Bilal Rajput.