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Gig problem, I need help

I have 5Gigs. But no order. With my gigs impressions is not increasing. Please give me some solution …
i need help…


These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will craete social media and email account with full setup
Maybe change the gig title.

In the gig description:
Maybe change the spelling near the end.

Gig: I will design banner and web ad
In the gig description:
Maybe check the spelling.

Gig: I will design business card and gift card
All 3 package descriptions are in upper case. Maybe it could use both upper and lower case characters.

Gig: I will do app and web UI design using xd and figma
In the FAQ section:
Maybe check the spelling and grammar in the FAQ answers.

Gig: I will design professional and vintage logo
In the gig description:
Maybe check the spelling.
There may be too much capitalisation.


You can research some more gig and try to find that why your gig is not ranking and what you need to change. Just try to find a good gig title and research very best keyword which keyword all time search a buyer. Try to create a effective job description. So that If any buyer read your description that time he/ she will thing yes I am in the right place I get a really expert on my work. Then you need to create a creative gig video for introduces your services and need to create a good image for attractive and get order. I hope this things will help you to get order impression and clicks.


Share your gig on social media, web2.0 and forum posting site to get impression and click.


thank you, it’s a helpful tips. i will re-edit my gigs.

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thank you. I will try again.

web2.0 and forum? give me list of web & forum platform

If anyone hove more suggestions, please tell me. i will do

Search best keyword for your GIG Title, Description and do social media marketing…

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