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Gig problem in fiverr

Why my gigs is not getting any impressions or clicks? And not find any work.


The easier your service is the broader scope of sellers of it is. Photo editing and/or background removal is a very common service to offer. Background removal alone has around 44k of sellers and you are but one of them. How will you stand out in front of these 44,840 other sellers?

There are many topics on this thread, suggesting & advising to the new sellers on how to start. If you want to put effort and make some $ out of it, it is best to start putting effort into your gig building first and foremost. Do a research, try to find your niche (or a sub-niche) and so on.

Best of luck!

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Don’t offer unlimited revisions! If you offer unlimited revisions, buyers can continue to request as many revisions as they want, and you could end up working for days and night and possible doing work that wasn’t included in the original order.

Also, as @tenebres_telrei said, background removal is a category with lots of competitors, so it’s highly competitive.

I would recommend doing some research in the Forum to find some tips and then implement those into your gigs to make them the best possible! Good luck :smile:

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