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Gig Problem Irrelevant Buyer Request

Hi there,

I’m Level two seller on fiverr and from last year i have been working on Data Entry Gig which was performing pretty well and gaining attention of buyers. June was best month for me on Fiverr and due to busy schedule i didn’t notice but from July-20 onwards all my Gigs Impression reduced and now the situation is that from last month i’m not getting Data Entry buyer requests or getting irrelevant buyer request.

Kindly help me how i can report this to Fiverr, Anyone facing same issue???


If you take time to read the forum you will see everyone is facing the same issue or similar.

Nothing to do there. Nothing CS can do also.

It is just life. Ups and downs.


It’s not a fiverr Bug. It’s a fiverr Algorithm. Sometimes it will push your gig and sometime it will push someone others Gig.

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