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Gig Problems containing "Description contains illegal characters"


I am having a problem with my Fiverr gig! the description is fine but its showing “Description contains illegal characters”…

please help me with this problem, anyone.

thanks in advance


Cut paste it to Notepad and again copy from the notepad and paste on the description. It will help clear any hidden charactors. And see if you are using unusual symbols.


what is the meaning of unusual symbols… can you give me some example?


Any punctuation -,+;.?’ "£$% . anything like that


Thanks a lot brother… i solved the problem…


thanks a lot brother. i same problem and fixed it. say again thanks a lot.

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Thanks problem solved:smiley:

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Problem solved Thanks:)

Really Helpful, Thanks a lot

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Thank you very much brother, the problem was solved very easily.


i also have a same problem in fiverr gig but not solved till


please help why the show, Description contains illegal characters
that is my description


	I will design a creative flyer and Brochure for digital printings or social media publishing or any other you want

I hope to design a professional eye catching flyer or poster or Brochure creatively and in high quality for your favors

also I am designing logos for your business and I recommend that all designs are my own creations

For better creations please provide me below mentioned according to your choices and it makes it more effective

	Let me know your concept and suggestions
	A logo of your business if available
	Any images you want 
	The correct text and what text to highlight
	Any preferred color or style

Wow, how am I supposed to “get creative” if I’m not even allowed to type properly. At first I was excited but it’s starting to seem like this site could use some serious reworking.


You can use all normal ASCII characters, and normal punctuation marks in the description. You can use a-z, -, +, ?,",’,$,£, commas etc. including some non-standard ones, it’s just there are certain characters you can’t use and like was suggested, using notepad to copy and paste from should help get rid of any characters Fiverr doesn’t support for gig descriptions.

Nope. I couldn’t even use comma’s or periods. Literally nothing. Even the tab button is apparently risque. I eventually got it to work by just removing everything.

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Yes, It works, THank you

What fixed mine was i had double Return spaces, when i deleted it to single lines its fix

I just had to switch from Safari to Chrome…

I also have a problem with my gig
I don’t know why but I can’t find my gig on any page in the last 4-5 month
I don’t know where is the actual problem
I also try to contact customer support but they always reply to me that my gig is active
but where is my gig
I didn’t find it on any page

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& is also a special character, and can’t be used in the description

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