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Gig Problems containing "Description contains illegal characters"

@tushar_khan try to modify your description, write it SEO optimized

A few days ago I faced the same problem. even though I never use any special character or symbol in my description. finally, I solve it & how…?

this problem is getting when we do copy-paste any content from the .txt file. during paste any content to gig description we have to use short-key (shift+Ctrl & V). Also, have to take extra care during “Bold & Highlighting” any text after copy from the .txt file.

Hope you got the points…


Please guide me if I am using any illegal character while writing my gig description.

As per guidelines from the community I have already removed all the special and necessary characters from my gig but still giving an error.

Here is my gig description:
We provide you accounting bookkeeping and taxation services with the best of our knowledge
You can hire us for the services for which either you are not willing to perform due to lack of your time which can be very useful for your business or you are having difficulties to perform because of you do not have sufficient knowledge to perform

We provide you the market competitive rate from which you can save up to half of your cost

VAT Registration

Value added tax is one of the most complex and onerous tax regimes imposed on business
Business involves with European Union Members are required more than ever to understand VAT and requires professional knowledge and technical skills

We provide an efficient and cost effective VAT service which includes
Assistance with VAT registration
Advice on VAT planning and administration
VAT control and reconciliation

There are four methods we can use to assist in VAT return
Let us do your bookkeeping and we complete the return from there
Give us your books and we will complete the return
Provide training on how to complete your return
In addition we will apply for VAT registration for you

Kindly help me.

Thanks and kind regards

Hi there,

There are no such restrictions. It can be a bug in the system. Best way is to copy all text to notepad and past one paragraph at a time. Before that refresh the page. Then delete everything in the description before start. Then save each time you paste the paragraphs.


Hi Amir, I fixed that problem by erasing all the line “line breaks” in the text (everytime you click the Enter button a new line break is created). I don’t know why but it seems like the Gig descriptions needs to be made in a single paragraph.

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I am lost. I have tried everything. Is this site created by a simpleton? I have never come across anything so mind numbingly infuriating
Here is my post
I will create and monitor for you a Wix website
I will make it suited to you and not to me. We will discuss your needs, and you will ask for what you receive
There is no judgement or issue in me doing exactly what you want I am happy to advise on marketing a design tactics but I work for You
My service is perfect for a small business, charity or event website I am approachable and communicative I can work with the technological novices to the experts and all inbetween
We will use things like graphics text design apps and marketing to get you the best website for your needs

There’s not much we can tell from that text as they’re all valid characters. It may not be including all the characters that were entered into the gig description or showing non-printable characters that are causing the issue.

You’ve successfully posted gigs before. Have you done anything differently this time? Have you entered tab characters or other special characters that you didn’t previously? Or pasted stuff from Word or software? If so try cutting everything and pasting it as plain text. If that doesn’t work you could try cutting it and re-typing it from an empty text box.

Solved. I had to take out all spaces all punctuation and all lines so it now looks like a bad autotranslate. Nice one Fiverr

You can still add some punctuation and a blank line if you wanted.
eg. you’ve already added a comma and a full stop so that proves that they’re still allowed so you could add more of those where needed. You could also look at what other recent gigs are using punctuation-wise to see what’s allowed.

Find me the illegal character . LOL . I don’t find any so please help me to see what fiver finds illegal in this XD.

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This is my description but it is showing illegal characters? Why?

Check the previous suggestions in the thread eg. make sure there are no tab characters in it. If you pasted it from Word paste it into notepad or something that will remove any illegal characters.

Thank you sir… for your help

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I did also realize that using the ‘bullet point’ feature from word leads to the above error. You can instead copy paste your description and later edit using Fiverr’s bullet-point feature.