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Gig problems going end of gigs search result

Hello My great Sellers!
am facing a problem i am level 2 seller but my all gigs going down and more down i have lot of clicks via social and impressions but am so worried please tell me friends what’s am do.


Did you have any late orders or cancellations recently?
If yes, there are high chances that you are moved to the end of the list for that.
My gigs are at the end of the list for 1.5 months.
Please note that there are no clear rules, and you have to understand the reason on your own.
You can find more information here:


edit gig. some time this method help me.

No am never cancel any order and 1 thing am open my account after 1 year but am drive lot of traffic on my gigs have minimum 500+ clicks on every gig but its going more down to down

am clear another order 2 days ago but still problem

Maybe this could be the reason. Your account has been inactive for 1 year.


1 hour ago am check my gig’s rank on search result its here on top last 10 gigs but after 20 mints am checked again its here on last

@maitasun is 110% correct. Stay online 2-3 hours each day, help people on community and gigs will start improving again. Will not affect more but rankings will improve little :slight_smile:

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i have RDP and my account here online 24 hours maybe 24 hours active its doing problem what you think friends?

I don’t think so…

Ok today’s impressions is 1500+

According to the last reply from CS, if your account is inactive, they may move your gigs to the end.
In this case, everything should be back to normal really soon.
Just wait a bit.

ok thanks for the help friends

None of these improve your gig ranking nor your performance, specially the part that says helping people on comunity.

Ranking and performance can only be improved by getting buyers, delivering on time, trying not getting cancellations, etc.

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Ok Ok thanks for the help please can you tell me how’s am able to rank my gigs i have a lot o traffic on my social accounts

Please read my comment above. I would also add, the same way you did when you first joined Fiverr, as I see you got to be and still are Level 2 seller.

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Ok thanks for the help

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and one thing more i have need to be discussed am from Pakistan when am make this account am here in Pakistan but now am here in UK am want to change my location is that possible or here any way to change my account’s location?

Everyone knows that! I was just motivating him :wink:

Thanks for the Motivating