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Gig promote onto your social accounts


Hello good people,
i hope everyone is fine.just now wake up and come to the forum,feeling good to see you all guys.anyway i m promoting my gigs on facebook,twitter and linkedin…it works very well…the promotions rapidly increases my impression,click and view…promote your gig is the best way to get the very first order…thanks buddy.
here is my 2 gigs.
Dont hesitate to contact me if you have the project with same topic:


I can guarantee you that promoting your gigs on social media accounts will NOT raise your impressions, and probably not your clicks either. Impressions are only registered when someone searches for your gig in the Fiverr search engine, or visits the category page that your gig is featured on. Impressions have nothing to do with outside traffic.

In addition, neither do clicks. Clicks are only registered when someone clicks on your gig in the Fiverr search results or on your gig’s category page.

The ONLY statistic that would have anything to do with your social site traffic would be views, because views register any time someone loads your gig page – regardless of where they came from.

Please do not post advice for other sellers until you actually know how Fiverr works.


in my opinion when we promote our gigs on social account and people see and click the attached link featured on fiverr,may b it helps us to increases impression


That may be your own personal opinion, but I can assure you, that is NOT how Fiverr or the Impressions metric works.


thanks for your valuable information


I think impressions are calculated when someone sees your gig on Fiverr, not if you come from the outside. What would go up is your views.


Thanks, Jon Bass, it’s really great. I appreciated :clap::clap: