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Gig Promoted Option!

Hey Fiverr pro community, Hope you all are well. :heart_eyes:
Today I am coming with a new important topic which is PROMOTED GIG option :grin:. BTW please check the attachment below here. My gifted amount was finished (gig promoting gift), How can I add here payment from my personal balance? Or it will automatically added?? Thanks in advance.
Please drop your valuable comment. :pray:


After your $10 gift runs out, money for promoting gigs will automatically be taken from your Fiverr balance.

It’s also recommended that you add a backup payment method in case your Fiverr balance runs out.


Thank you so much for your help. :pray:

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Hi, you don’t need to bother about how it will be added, the system will automatically update the funds from your personal balance, with that, your gigs promotion will keep running. and the good thing is that the deduction is monthly. I was charged for mine May 1st and previous month as well… so the deduction will be done on a monthly basis.

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Thanks a ton brother for your outstanding describe :pray: :heart:

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