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"Gig promoter for Fiverr" message, what the heck?

So yesterday I got a message from this person, and the message said "Hi, If you need more buyers for your Gig just search for “Gig Promoter for Fiverr” on Google. It helped me a lot and Also, guess how much it cost? :wink: "

OK, I don’t believe this, but did anyone else get this message?

From my experience, when someone sends me spam messages they usually have a link…having that said though, I don’t believe this

person did this just to be nice and helpful :stuck_out_tongue:

After receiving the message I didn’t respond, but it seems like it’s best if I keep

ignoring the person :stuck_out_tongue:

Thx everyone!

I got a message this morning about ‘‘Facebook advertising’’ from a Fiverr member (member since March 2015-recently made). So this is obviously spam so I just ignored it.

I got the same message you did. And I don’t know honestly if this is something to worry about.Maybe someone is trying to earn some money on Fiverr too, by being a promoter of other sellers…

I haven’t but I saw someone on Facebook complain about the website I think that person referred to. If it is the same one it ends up at a site that tries to sell you some crappy bot software that sends spam to Fiverr users and maybe other things. I’m afraid to go to the site because I would guess it’s also got malware or worse on it.

No I haven’t. I will be on the lookout though. :smiley: