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Gig Promotion: A case study

Hi Doers

I have been working here for more than three years. I am a Lavel-2 seller. Last three years was a remarkable journey for me. I was getting regular orders. Fiverr working environment is very impressive to me. For this reason, I love Fiverr.

However, due to recent updates, like other sellers, I am also losing my sales. Two moths ago my best selling gig was in the 7th position in my Catagory. However, now it is in the 24th position. So you can guess my orders fall almost 50%. I was getting orders regularly, so I never promoted my Gig to social media.

As I am losing my Gig ranking, so I decided to Promote my best selling Gig to social media so that I can get some sales and can improve my Gig ranking. I am not an expert so I decided to take help from an expert. So I hired an SMM expert. I know him very well for a long time.

He promoted my Gig to various social media like Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. The result was impressive. He started promoting my Gig on 5th June. I usually get 45-50 gig views per day. That day I got total 70 views. Next day it was 183 views, and it was increasing day by day. The highest views were 343 on 8th June.But unfortunately, my Gig ranking did not improve at all, and it was in the 24th position. Still, now it is in the same position.

I promoted my Gig from 05th June to 10th June. Remember that is was not spamming it was pure Gig promotion. I tracked all Gig promotion though Google Url Shortener. After not getting any result I stopped promoting my Gig. This is my case study.

From Fiverr forum, I knew that Gig promotion is one of the key factors for Gig raking. However, it seems just a rumor. There wasn’t any improvement in my Gig ranking.

So I wanted to know your opinion, what it the best way to improve Gig ranking. Do I need to do Gig promotion on a long term basis or do need to take some other initiatives?



Even if I personally think that gig promotion has no effect on position (it can generate sales, clicks and impressions but not a better ranking) I’m not sure a 5 day experiment can prove anything and especially on fiverr.

For my opinion you need at least one month of tests.

But let’s hear what others can tell us…


You’ll have to update your gig.
Make sure it’s in the correct category.
Fiverr’s categories have changed in the last 3 years.

Additionally, try utilizing the buyer requests to your advantage.

And my last note, services that have a solid reputation will be promoted more than other services.
(Update gig imagery, context, etc.)

Best of luck.

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Yes! This was just a test. If someone can share their experience about it will be very helpful for me to get an clear idea.

Remember that I have been here for more than three years. I saw lots of changes. Once it works but now it does not. Three days ago I edited my Gig, and my Gig was out of the search for more than 24 hours. I lost some sales :frowning: Also there is no change in my ranking. My Gig has 3000+ reviews, so it is in the right category.

I have also tried this but didn’t get any improvement… :frowning:

I’m here for 7 years and I agree with you when it comes to the current changes.
I have seen sales goes up and down for years but they have never been as worst as today…

But till they fix this we have to adapt and do tests like you did to figure out how to improve our ranking.

Technically, you can’t lose something you never had. You never had those sales, since your estimation of the possibility of those sales was never realized. It is always best to focus on what you do have, and use the measurable stats at your disposal to calculate trends… but trends are never sales, and therefore, they are never “lost” if you never had them in the first place.

Far too many businesses make this mistake. Trends and actual sales are not the same thing.


I think we have to wait. I hope soon everything will be OK. However, I am afraid that my Gig ranking is deteriorating day by day. Desperately need a solution.

I see I got a company :slight_smile:

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Hope this may help u…