Gig promotion (Article writing, website content and blog post writing)


I am an article blog post and website content writer. Feel free to check out my gigs.


Hey, why haven’t you sold any more in a long time? Were you offline? :confused:


I paused my gigs for almost a year due to my pre medical tests. I came back almost a month ago. My impressions, views, clicks, everything are increasing but I am not getting any order. A client texted and then did not order. So I am promoting my gigs in quora, fb and now in the forum.


You have to keep doing everything you’re doing and be patient, very patient…

You’ll have your first order in less than you expect! :grin:


I completed 2 orders and after this break, I feel like I am a new again. :joy: My niche is very competitive and being a non native English speaking person, it becomes more difficult.


Hi @amritamazumder :sun_with_face:

Use social media for promoting your Gigs. every day you can send total 10 buyer requests from your account. Try to stay online 24 hours. At last, I would like to say, Be patient. Success must come if you work hard.

Thanks for showing your skills. I hope that, you will get your appropriate job. Good Luck! :neutral_face:

Mamunur Rashid


I am doing everything. I just need to optimise my gigs again. Thank you for your suggestions. :blush: