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Gig promotion (Article writing, website content and blog post writing)

I am an article blog post and website content writer. Feel free to check out my gigs.


Hey, why haven’t you sold any more in a long time? Were you offline? :confused:

I paused my gigs for almost a year due to my pre medical tests. I came back almost a month ago. My impressions, views, clicks, everything are increasing but I am not getting any order. A client texted and then did not order. So I am promoting my gigs in quora, fb and now in the forum.

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You have to keep doing everything you’re doing and be patient, very patient…

You’ll have your first order in less than you expect! :grin:

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I completed 2 orders and after this break, I feel like I am a new again. :joy: My niche is very competitive and being a non native English speaking person, it becomes more difficult.

Hi @amritamazumder :sun_with_face:

Use social media for promoting your Gigs. every day you can send total 10 buyer requests from your account. Try to stay online 24 hours. At last, I would like to say, Be patient. Success must come if you work hard.

Thanks for showing your skills. I hope that, you will get your appropriate job. Good Luck! :neutral_face:

Mamunur Rashid

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I am doing everything. I just need to optimise my gigs again. Thank you for your suggestions. :blush:

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