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Hi Everyone,

So I recently got promoted gigs option, before turning this option ON my gig was getting too many regular order, then after turning it ON but gig became totally dependent on Promotion.

I recently turned off the promotions and guess what?? My all impression and clicks went down like a joke. Its unbelievable.

One more thing is : My clicks to order conversion is too low in Promoted gigs. What can be the possible reason?? It is almost 10:1 ( 10 clicks one order )

Thank you !


Hey hope you are doing well! I personally haven’t experienced this feature as I haven’t got it yet. However I’m reading almost same stories on the forum that the organic reach went down to dead after promoting the gig. It has happened with various sellers. Doesn’t seems like a good option to try.

However try it out a few days and do update and share your feedback if you get a good response.

Thanks a lot!

I would contact Fiverr to see if it’s an analytics bug instead of your impressions actually being 0.

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horrible ! i am on level two and waiting for budge of fiverr promotion on my Gig… it is really serious matter if you are right.

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