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Gig promotion for new user

I am new at Fiverr. I have uploaded three new gigs, but I don’t know how to promote this. Have any best suggestion?PLEASE


Hi there,

Simply copy the URL of your gig and share it on different social media.

Thank you


That is spam and could get the user banned. Proper social marketing involves research and targeting buyer personas where they are.

OP, please see:


thank you… for suggestion

Click your gig Share button.Fiver tell you to do marketing your gig what social media platform you need.


It saddens me that the OP chose to take the least helpful piece of advice, when @imagination7413 took the time to warn you about the dangers behind sharing your gigs like that.

But seems like people who ask questions here are just looking for easy solutions that will make them rich.

Oh and @mehedi_shawon I noticed you are an extremely new member on Fiverr with very few sales and yet you choose to chime in on other people’s questions, suggesting mostly generic stuff. Please take some time to learn the ropes.

Being active on the forum without something useful to contribute won’t get you what you want.


share the link on social media and wait for the first order

I can totally understand and relate to this. It make me wonder either it’s youtube gurus from where people get this or any misconception in their mind.
They consider platform to be a way to earn quick buck and do forget that every buyer would like to pay only to professionals having track record of delivering quality services. And it takes efforts to build a good profile day to day. Promotion on social media platform without any context is never going to be a good option.