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GIG promotion goes down

How to improve traffic on my gig

Kindly share your thoughts


Firstly, I would consider changing the name of your gig. All fiverr gigs begin with the words ‘I will…’. Therefore, the gig name ‘I will expert in PHP backend programming’ does not make any sense.



You need to fix your gig title. Your gig description is plain and boring. It should sound more professional. Take a look at other gigs to get an idea and then write your gig description.

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  1. First of all change your gig title, your title is not appropriate, by default every gig provide the sentence “I will”. So create a title which is compatible with this.
  2. Change your gig image. Create some attractive images . Gig images appropriate size: 550 Pixels Wide and 370 Pixels Height. then add 2 pdf file to shown your work there.
  3. Research some best keywords for your gig, put them in your title, tags and descriptions.

At last, keep patience. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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Thanks i will try to improve my gig

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