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How can i promote my gig and get order ? Specifically for Business card designing gig?


I looked at your business card offer.

Things I would change RIGHT NOW:

  • remove the “unlimited revisions” offer on all your Gigs.
  • charge more than $5

Here’s why I would make those changes:

Unlimited revisions means I can place an order with you for $5 and get you to keep changing my business cards until I’m satisfied. Well, I’m a difficult Buyer and it may take several revisions (maybe 50 or more) to make me happy. Don’t get caught in that trap.

The $5 price tag makes it sound like you are going to just rush through my job. It also makes me question how much quality will go into my order. Plus, for you, a $5 order is actually $4 once Fiverr takes their cut. Are you prepared to make me 50+ revisions for just $4?

These are important things to consider when putting a Gig together.

Good luck.


@looseink Thanks for the helpful advice. For newcomers, it seems that if I give unlimited revisions, buyers will like my gig, but your advice is reasonable.


NEVER offer unlimited revisions.

It will cost you money in the long run.


@looseink Thanks for Your advice


You can check this article How do I get a job as a new saller? - #5 by vickiespencer

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Check this link out for more info on how to promote your gigs:

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more 50 revision not possible only 5$. I remain that if any work gets more 50 revisions this person not able to better work. If we use unlimited revision. is it bad to affect my gigs?

That is my point.

Putting unlimited revisions in your Gigs sets you up for abuse.

And if the Buyer wants 50 revisions for $5 and the $5 Gig says unlimited revisions, guess what?

You’ve got to do it.

yes, Must be give him as i say unlimited revisions. :laughing:

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