Gig promotion on Facebook or external website


Hi guys,

I just wonder is it allowed to promote my gigs on facebook ?

How about external website - landing page only with link to fiverr gig, no any other contact.

I am thinking of something like this to get larger audience.




Yes, you can do that. I use to have a landing page for my most popular gig. I collected email addresses before sending them to my gig link though. I would suggest you build a mailing list as well. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Note: You can drive traffic to your landing page outside of Fiverr and then send them to Fiverr, but do not post or advertise the url on Fiverr though. Its against the TOS. So in other words, you can pull any kind of traffic to your own site, but you can not siphon traffic away from Fiverr to your landing page. I hope you unserstand what I mean.


Ok, it’s clear now. Thanks!


Reply to @applethai: You can also promote your gig over 2 million real people on facebook Try this


Reply to @sajilpl: Posting your gig link on this thread is considered spam.


Do it


Reply to @musiclover: hi musiclover, where to find quality email lists?

Also a good tip: I used PPC ads on Facebook to attract more customers. It’s super cheap (sometimes goes as low as $0.01 per click) and converts to sales very well). You can also choose who you target.


hi musiclover, where to find quality fragglesrocks? :))))

“fragglesrocks” - I don’t know where that came from. I meant to say email lists?

Where did you purchase your list?