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Gig promotion

Hi guys, I’m new and it is more than a weak after making my gigs. I want to do my first sale. Any gig promotion ideas? please help guys!


Honestly, as a new seller, your prices are a bit high. Consider providing gig extras for free for first 10 orders. After that you can change it. I think New seller should focus on building his reputation rather than focusing on $$$. Thats what I’ve done, when I was newbie. Hope this would help.


Hey @mariarajput786, Thank you for the comment. Any price lowing suggestions according to my gigs please?

As I mentioned. Provide extras for free at basic cost for first 10 orders. So, everything at $5. Remove your gig extras, change your basic duration to 1 day. Remove source file extra and mention in description that you provide source file for free. and unlimited revisions too. You should do it till you build a good reputation here. That time you can change it.


Great tips friend! I will try them. Kisses if they work right :smiley:

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No guarantee yet. But I hope they will work, as they worked for me.

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best advice thanks

Great advise as usual :slight_smile: @mariarajput786

Thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you!


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It was very helpful,Thank You!

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Thats a good idea!! Thanks👍

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