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GIG publish Problem Need solution

I am worried about my Fiver profile problem, I wrote to customer support twitch time. The suggestion your team gives me. I tried several times but my problem is still now.
I am giving a short review of my problem. Please. read it carefully and try to understand and send me a mail as soon as possible.

When I was a newcomer at fiveer. I create a profile on this laptop. My profile is shamu392509 When I was not at home. My wife Loge out my Profile and she created another profile. Her profile name is Munnirahman when I come back a few days later. I deactivated her profile/ account and try to continue as a shamu392509 but when I try to publish my gig. Fiveer gives me a message That YOu are almost there Munni!, I already deactivate her account/ profile and I am not Munni. But I cannot publish my gig, when I click Publish Gig button the page is not loading. Like ( I am in very trouble. I can not seal my gig/ Services.
A few days ago firs time fiveer customer support team gives some advice like 1. use incognito Mood, 2. Use another browser. 3. Delete your cookies and setting. 4. Use Mobailphone, 5. use another computer Etc. I have done all kinds of processes.

I hope you will understand my problem and give me a complete solution.

with best regards