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Gig publish problem


when I publish my new gig it just stuck at the last step when they said done it just keep loading loading and loading why this is


We don’t know, we are just sellers here.

But I see that you are still using amazon copycat logo on your profile that we advised you to change last time.
So looks like you don’t need help here.


its here on forum and i dont know how to change this can you please help me


You can try to create another gig and publish it . I think it is happening for your internet connection .


yep but now the issue is resolve thanks alot for your honest comment and informative feedback thanks alot


Log out and log in again (…just throwing it out :robot:)


If you have tried many times and gig doesnt publish then you should contact help center.

Maria S.


it just worked yippy


thanks maria the problem is solved