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Gig Published Without Me Publishing


I have created my first Gig. Previously noticed a publish button somewhere, but couldn’t find it when I was ready to publish.

Then realised that the Gig was published. How did that happen?

I’m pretty sure I kept well clear of the publishing button, as I was still checking the content.

Hi, I don’t know how it happened but as “1st aid”: you can pause the gig until you’re completely done with it.
Click “Gigs” in the top menu bar, then tick the checkbox left of the gig and choose “Pause” from the dropdown the arrow right of the gig will reveal.

And welcome to the forum!

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Miiila, hey thanks for that. Paused already.

While the Gig was not paused I was not able to find it as a buyer. Don’t suppose you know if there is a time lag between published and visible?

Thanks for your welcome also:-)


There usually is a time lag, yes. Also when you edit a gig, as Fiverr does checks to ensure that nothing forbidden gets published, so once things are running, you might want to not edit too often and “collect” smaller edits, so you don’t edit several times a week and have your gig disappear from search for part of every week.
I don’t know how long the “lag” is, though, probably similar to the response time for support tickets, within a day, or longer when their queue is long.
It also seems to depend on what one edits, videos, for example seem to take more time to get through, which makes sense if someone actually watches them to check.

Right, top tip, totally logical, real people doing the checks. Who’d of thought that.

Thanks again.