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Gig publisher bug

Hello everyone. I’m having a problem creating my first gig: I type the info they ask me too, fully, but when I try to press the “save and continue” button, absolutely nothing happens. Has anyone had this issue? How can it be solved? Thanks!

Screenshot please? (Is there any error message?)

Yes Whenever I try to click at Publish button nothing will appear and it my gig remain in draft. Please help

You said the problem was with “Save and Continue” not “Publish Gig” that’s different than what I was suspecting. Try again tomorrow, and if it still doesn’t work, you will likely need to contact Customer Support for this.

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I´ve managed to resolve it, thank you

How you solve it? I got the same problem…it said that there are few categories that need verified skills but i cant find the “take the test” button on my profile…thanks in advance

How please let me know?