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Gig publishing issue

Before I go to publish my gig, there appears a message to take English test when I complete it with the status of passing, now I am unable to publish my gig and there is an error saying “ErrorId 211: The user is stuck in the retake wait period” what to do with this issue? How it could be solved?

There is a period you have to wait before you retake the test again. It may be 3 months period, but please check on that.

Hello i am having similar type of error , I have given the English test as well and its passed but when i try to published my gig it wont let me do it , I am sharing the screen shot please do have a look and guide me .

Maybe you open new window when you are giving the test.
Maybe you have to wait 3 months or you can contact support.

I have Passed the test its been more than 2 weeks though .

I passed the test and no issues were found

The issue was resolved after taking the test again in 3 days after the first test

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Ahmad Saeed

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I also have the same issue and now when i deleted that gig from my draft also but still facing issue of publishing my another gig and the same 211 error appears what should i do now?

Create a new gig and retake test