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Gig Publishing Problem

I have created a gig on Transcription and given English test and scored good. But every time, I try to publish my gig, it shows ‘Take a Retest’ but when I click on that, it doesn’t work.

can anyone help?


I am facing the same problem.

Facing Same problem.
Can any one help??

complete now profile

What else should I add to my profile?

What was your score ?

Is your Gig still pending ?

Yes. My gig is still pending.

whats the status now? Is it showing Draft/pending approval/denied/requires modification/paused?

can you please try again after clean your browsing history and cookies ? maybe this will work.

It is showing 'Draft".

I tried but didn’t work.

Dear Lady, you have messed up with language test. What was your score?Normally If you fail than you have to give the exam again. But you have mentioned earlier that you were passed. So i think, after passing the test you have mistakenly click on retest. And your previous score became useless. Its better to give the test again and publish it carefully.

Thanks for your suggestion.