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Gig purchase related problems

Now it has happened many times.
A buyer purchases $20 gig and asks for $100 work. What to do in such circumstances if he is not willing to increase the price? Order cancellation will reduce the Order Completion Rate. I didn’t find any solution except delivering the Gig. Anybody have different ideas please?


If I remember correctly, you can ask CS for cancellation instead so that your percentage won’t be affected. However, they sound pretty busy and may not reply right away.


I asked the CS to cancel in the past but they never guarantee that the cancellation will not affect my Order Completion Rate.

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Hm, that’s weird. So far I read that it shouldn’t affect the rating.

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If you type “buyer wants more than the scope of the gig” in the search bar above there are more than 50 topics on the subject which you may find interesting.