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Gig quality check

Hi, i am a new user on Fiverr. Please help me about my gigs are their perfect or any other issues to selling or ranking because i am not getting any order. Here is my gig id.


You wrote the wrong link…

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Edited my link please check

Nice presentation you Gig video quality fantastic. Also your impression is very professional. Hope fully you will success very soon. :heart:

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Thanks a lot for support wish the same

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I took a look at your profile and your gigs.

1 Videos, try to make them in the highest possible audio and video quality, speak more clearly and turn down the volume of the music,
The videos are very often underestimated, but they help a lot, a 40% higher estimate of a customer being interested

2 works on the gigs and your profile (descriptions, images, packages and tags to add).
One piece of advice I can give you is to take the fiverr tests on wordpress and customer service and to take the free fiverr course:

3 The most important, be patient, my very first order in absolute came by chance after a few weeks of actively working on my projects, while trying to learn more and more, the more you learn the more you earn.

I hope I was helpful.


In the gig description/profile you could make sure the word “I” is always capitalized. I’m not sure the wordpress fix one needs so much text in bold.

In your gig to create a website I’d take out the bit that says “and you must give me 5-star review for it!” as that might be seen as trying to influence the reviews.

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